The Kentucky Knows shop is located on the Pepper Campus and was one of the first businesses in the area to open. The crafter and owner of the shop is Tony Davis, who also served in the Marine Corps. Tony is very passionate about his craft and is friendly and open to his customers to sharing his stories about all the wonderful items in his shop.


The Kentucky Knows body and eyebrows are made from a reclaimed bourbon barrel. Blanton horses are his eyes. The corn nose (knows) represents the 51% or more corn content that goes into bourbon. The tip of his corn nose is a recycled Barton Distillery bourbon bottle topper that says 1792; the year Kentucky joined the union. And finally, embedded under the nose and in the chest are the iconic bourbons of the state. Photo below from Kentucky Knows website:


The Kentucky Knows shop also has a variety of crafts made from recycled bourbon barrels, including cutting boards, barrel heads, plaques, Ale 8 bottle openers, and many other creative items.

Tony’s items can be purchased at his shop in the Pepper District, online, or at Liquor Barn.